Monday, August 30, 2004

Excited to learn ... how we learn!

This is my blog about educational psychology and technology issues, especially those we discuss in Dr. Charles Graham's 692 course. I'm excited to learn this semester how people learn!


Charles Graham said...
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Rick said...

That's what I'm excited to "learn" about! :-). To answer your question, at least in a rudimentary way, I shall quote from my other blog,,

"The title implies my belief that instruction is more than dumping knowledge in a person's noggin. True instruction is to build others up, to help them be better than they were, and to edify them."

If I use that definition, learning can be anything from gaining new insight, understanding, or comprehension about a truth, as well as gaining a new skill, ability, or attribute. These would all be "edifying."

Charles Graham said...

Have you read Osguthorpe's article (did he do an article or just a presentation at AECT??) - it was called, "Does e-learning edify?" I think that it was with Clint . . . you might ask him.