Saturday, May 14, 2005

Change is constant

An interesting idea from Don Ely here at PIDT:
"Any statement of philosophy regarding instructional technology is tentative."

He is also commenting on the fact that the only constancy in our field is change. How exciting ... and how stressful at the same time! This is a field where it is constantly important to be up to date, involved in the recent conversation, and working towards new thoughts. There's no standing still, because technology development is not standing still.

Like I said, exciting ... and stressful at the same time!

A few statements from Don Ely that we voted on by raising our hands:

- Will the field be destined for extinction unless we take the opportunities afforded by new information technology?
- Is the field and the process of instructional design largely the same as it was before, despite new technologies? Or do the new technologies require new paradigm shifts?

The voting? Very evenly divided among the audience of professors and students in instructional design technology.

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