Thursday, October 20, 2005

AECT conference in Orlando

I'm here in Orlando at the Association for Educational Communications Technology conference. For some reason (perhaps the fact that this is a conference on Ed technology?) I thought there would be wireless. In fact, wireless is spotty, so my blogging this week may be spotty.

And then when I get home, I won't remember anything that was said, so I won't have anything to post about! Oye!

In reality, my biggest barrier this week might be that I'm giving too many presentations (3). Two of these are also collaborative efforts with student researchers from other universities that I don't see very often, so (you guessed it) it was hard to pull our presentation together until we were physically together this week.

There's something there to be learned about the realities of the difficulties in distance collaboration. I always think with all of the powerful CSCL tools we have available to use that distance collaboration will be a snap, and it's always more challenging than expected.

Anyway, so my posting will be spotty ... but I've hopefully learned my lesson and will take on less challenging tasks for next year!

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