Saturday, January 07, 2006

DVDs are dead - anyone want to buy mine?

Man! Everytime I start to get a good media collection going, the media of choice changes. I still have some of my favorite movies on VHS, and am grateful you can still find a VCR in some stores. DVD is a superior format, of course, so I've been happily buying new DVDs --- alot lately, as we don't have cable right now---and now feel pretty satisfied with our movie collection. Even more, my wife and I gave ourselves a new ClearPlay DVD player this Christmas so we could watch DVDs without the language, nudity, and blood (Clearplay is awesome, by the way, and they have a sell going on right now. Maybe I'll post on that sometime).

So what happens right after I buy all these movies and a new DVD player? Online pundits start declaring that the DVD format is dead. I knew it was, of course, with the rage of TIVO, and Intel's announcement of Viive at the CES show in Las Vegas this week. But to hear comments like this:

"The technology industry is in agreement: the DVD is dead. Consumer electronics companies have begun to show off what they believe will be the next generation of home video technologies."

Walmart: Will you take back my new copies of Hello Dolly and It's a Wonderful Life? What about the other DVDs I've bought recently? You see, I'd like to wait and save my money for the next big format ...

What's the use? Trying to stay up on technology will become increasingly impossible. So I guess we should just enjoy the technology we have now instead of worrying about whether it'll be obsolete tomorrow!

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