Tuesday, September 12, 2006

This blog is being transformed!

As I posted last time, my "official" blog where I do most of my thinking about educational research has been moved to http://rickwest.edublogs.org.

I LOVE Edublogs. What a great community of educational bloggers!

Speaking of community, I am now in a "Community as a Metaphor for Learning" course with Dr. Julie Moore and Christa .... For this class, we are each maintaining a blog connecting our readings and discussions with our observations and experiences with learning communities. Because I don't want to create a new blog for this purpose (who needs another password and username to remember? :-), I will use this blog for that class.

So from henceforth, this blog is where I will talk about learning communities! But check out my other blog if you are interested. It's good. Really.

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