Saturday, September 04, 2004

I made OLDaily!

Well today I was excited to learn that Stephen Downes in his OLDaily newsletter/blog referenced my analysis of his keynote at the IT Institute, which I published on my edu-blogger blog yesterday. How exciting! I read OLDaily, well, daily, and many other bloggers in our field do. Just like that, my article on his keynote address was spread throughout the blogosphere, getting my ideas out to many people in our field.

How scary! My first feeling was excitement. My second feeling was fear: did I spell everything right? Did I do Stephen's keynote justice? What if I completely misunderstood what he was trying to communicate? What if I wrote something dumb that now everybody might read?

I'm mentioning this because 1) I think it's the first time anyone outside of BYU has read my blog, so I'm excited; and 2) this is a good example about the beauty of blogging. This is a quick way for your voice to be heard. What you write today could be read by who knows who tomorrow. It's also, like I said, scary and will force me to be a little more thoughtful about everything I say. The potential to have an audience, even if I don't, will force me to be a much more careful blogger from now on.

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Janine said...

Ah well, here's a comment to show you that it's not just the potential of having an audience, but the actuality!!!
I think I'd "gulp!" too if I ended up in Online Daily. I'd be delighted, but I'd feel exposed too!! I guess it just shows my ambivalence between being a recluse and an exhibitionist!
I'm enjoying your blog, by the way
Janine, Melbourne, Australia