Monday, September 20, 2004

If you aren't using Firefox yet ...

Then you should be. Not only is Firefox the safest way to surf the Internet, not only is EVERYBODY doing it (one million downloads in 4 days), and not only is it NOT Internet Explorer (a good enough reason there), but the Firefox designers have added two really cool features to the browser: 1) rss feeds and 2) wikalong. The rss feeds feature is the ability at the push of a button to subscribe to the rss feed of a website as a Firefox bookmark. I'm still loyal to Bloglines and think that's a better choice for heavy internet readers, but if you only want to subscribe to a few sites, than this Firefox feature can be really useful. Plus, it pushes us closer to some kind of new interactivity and new experience with the Internet.

I just heard about the wikalong feature today and am still trying to wrap my brain around what it could mean. To quote the Firefox people:
" Wikalong is a FirefoxExtension that embeds a wiki in the SideBar of your browser, indexed off the url of your current page. It is probably most simply described as a wiki-margin for the internet."

Too cool, way too cool. I'm really interested in your ideas: how could this technology be used in education or IDT?

Here's a screenshot of what wikalong would look like:

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David said...

Speaking of only subscribing to a few sites - I have dozens of RSS feeds in Sage (the built in RSS reader in FireFox) and so far as I can tell there is no limit on what it can handle. I was using Sage when I discovered your post. I am a pretty substantial internet user and I have yet to find any setbacks in this RSS reader.