Monday, February 07, 2005

Now this is what we need ... (Edugadget Blog)

There is a lot of blogging out there about new technologies, written for information technologists. There is also a lot of blogging for teachers about how to integrate technologies that are already known. Finally it seems that somebody has put together a blog geared towards reviewing the latest, most cutting-edge tools available for teachers, with some discussion about application. The site is Edugadget, and you can access it here, or get the rss feed here. The site looks fairly new now, so it's hard to say how good it will be. But I like the idea and will add it to my Bloglines account for a little while to see what they put out. Hopefully it will not be overkill on blogging/podcasting technologies (which it has quite a few posts on right now) but on many different tools coming out for teachers.

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