Tuesday, February 21, 2006

What would save me time

I just thought of a little design adjustment that could really save me time every day. I use Gmail, and I love how you can view the first few words of your email without having to click on the email. So if my friend answers my email with a "OK." or a "Got it, thanks," then I don't have to open the email because I'll be able to read the message in the standard inbox view in Gmail.

What would be cool is if Google could take that one step further and would let you hover your mouse over an email message and in a popup, read the first paragraph of the email (longer than that would be unwieldy, I know). I could probably read most of my email that way by simply hovering over each message ... without actually having to open them up. That would be schweeeet!

At least I think so. Anybody else?

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