Thursday, February 23, 2006

When (future) teachers cheat

It's not at all unusual anymore to see advertisements for companies who will write your English 101 paper for you for a fee. But I was surprised to come across a website today for a company that will actually write your dissertation for you. And for only $10 a page!

I had several thoughts about this:

• Thought 1: Can this really be possible? Do they collect the data themselves? Do the analysis? Or just the writing? I can't see them being able to write a credible dissertation without having collected the data and analyzed it themselves, but who knows?

• Thought 2: $10/page is just not enough! Who would slave away at writing an entire dissertation for what would probably be $2,000 max?

• Thought 3: If someone does think $10/page is a fair price for a dissertation, than what are all the ABDs belly-aching about? It can't be that tough, if you can charge someone else that little to do it, right?

• Thought 4: The fact that this service even exists is soooooo wrong! Their clientele would be doc students, future phDs! Future faculty! Guardians of the research in their field of study! Worse still, future teachers of future students! What will they say when their own students turn in papers bought online? Will they fail them for plagiarism? Or congratulate them on finding a good price?

Things like this really make me wonder if the Apocalypse is upon us! :-)

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